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07/02/2009, 06:45 PM
I'm looking to get one of these two angels and would very much appreciate some feedback on how these two compare. I know the BF will get larger than the Majestic but I'm more interested in temperament, feeding, environment, etc.

Thanks in advance

Kahuna Tuna
07/03/2009, 06:02 PM
I have kept both and these are my experiences. My blueface was purchased as a 4 inch fish with full adult colors and was extremely hardy but very shy. In the next year and a half this fish grew to around 6 1/2 inches, overcame his shyness and started to become rather aggressive (this was in a 180 gallon standard) to other food competitors like the tangs, rabbitfish, and other angels. I ended up giving him away and started looking for a slightly smaller and more passive angel and went with the majestic. My current majestic was purchased at around 3 1/2 inches and has grown close to 5 inches in the last year and a half. This fish seems to be a slower grower than the blueface.

It was also very shy at first but now ventures out at all times. It also has an aggrerssive side and is the alpha fish of the tank but is nowhere as combative as the blueface was. Both the blueface and majestic have been very bulletproof fish for me. Both were added to a mature reef type 180 gallon setup and both adapted very quickly and were free of disease. Both angels were very aggressive feeders and quickly took to all kinds of fresh and frozen seafoods and new life pellets. From my experience if you have a bigger tank and want a rough and ready fish go with the blueface, they are a tough fish that can stand up to more aggressive tankmates but can be aggressive themselves. If you are looking for a more community oriented angel the majestic is the better choice and will stay smaller and be generally less aggressive than most other Pomacanthus.

07/05/2009, 02:32 PM
Perfect response Kahuna, just what I was looking for.

One last question: everything I read says angels need a lot of live rock. Do you believe it really has to be LR or is that the angel really needs hiding places and doesn't really matter what type of rock it is.


sean A.
07/05/2009, 02:59 PM
They pick at the LR for Algae to eat & for places to hide too.

Kahuna Tuna
07/05/2009, 10:49 PM
I think angels seem to do much better in a reef or a natural type system and that at least for me I always had much more success with angels in a tank that was both spacious and still had a good amount of live rock. Like sean said LR also provides many feeding opportunities for grazers and browsers like angels. IMO this type of system just looks more natural as well.

My current tank is a 180 gallon standard with a deep sand bed and about 240 pounds of live rock. This is a mix of cheaper base rock and some really excellent peices of Fiji rock. This much rock pretty much takes a third of the tank volume but leaves a lot of opportunities for multiple shelter sites and caves which really helps angels and other wary fish to settle in quickly. In my current system all of the angels I have tried have thrived with the exception of a flagfin I lost after 2 years.

I have kept a lot of angels over the years and have had quite a few successes and failures but it really came down to for me was an appropriately sized tank for the species (I chose the 180 but some really big angels need an even larger system), excellent water quality and good oxygenation in a mature and stable system, and a good and varied diet of high quality food. With this formula I have been very successful with marine tropicals in general and angels in particular.

07/06/2009, 01:46 AM
I have had my blueface for about 2.5 years now, got it as a 2 inch juvi --- blue with white stripes.

Was shy at first (( having a lemonpeel picking on it didn't help, the lemonpeel was sold shortly after that )). For the longest time it would really only come to eat, and would hide anytime I got near the tank. About 3 months ago that all changed and it is out all the time now. I am not sure what exactly caused the change in its behavior. I redid some of the rock work, added 4 Talbot's damsels, and fixed a stray voltage issue. I don't think it was the stray voltage, since I noticed it when my corals bleached, and fixed it within a couple of days. I am really leaning towards adding the damsels -- they are peaceful ones, and are great dither fish.

My BF has always eaten great, even when it was shy, eats whatever I put in the tank. It hasn't been too aggressive towards other fish in the tank, but doesn't back down from anything. It is going to be difficult to see it go -- getting too big for my tank.

07/06/2009, 03:42 PM
I did pull the trigger last night and get the BF. Unfortunately I had 6 damsels in there for cycling and they went after the BF. Needless to say they were pulled out. After everything settled last night, the BF came out and played with the tusk and green bird for awhile and ate like a pig this morning. This one at least isn't very shy although he darts behind the rocks when somebody walks by but comes out a few seconds later.

Todd, too bad to get rid of your BF. Is he in the 75g?

07/06/2009, 04:11 PM
Yea, he is in my 75. For some reason when I bought it I thought that they stayed smaller (( smaller for non-dwarf angels )). And while it still has enough room and doesn't appear stressed out at all, what to get rid of it before that happens.

Going to miss that guy, but I know that it is the best choice. And will give me a reason to get rid of a few other fish (( since I will have to remove a decent amount of rocks to get it out )) and do something a bit different with that tank.

07/09/2009, 09:00 PM
Well good luck Todd...I know it's tough. Darn things are like children after a while. :)

Kahuna Tuna
07/09/2009, 11:50 PM
Congrats, you will love the BF, what a great fish. Another thing about the Blueface I wanted to mention but forgot was that it was the most vocal fish I have ever encountered. Many of the big Pomacanthus angels "grunt", both my current angels do, the BF's was more of a "knock" and it sounded like someone rapping on plastic whenever he was upset at some other fish (which was a lot). :)

07/10/2009, 06:49 AM
Just like kids...yelling and screaming... :)

I already love this little guy! He's pretty much out of his shy stage and now begs at the front of the tank with the rest of his mates. Eats like a hog although I wish he would eat a bigger variety. So far he loves BS, mysis and angel formula the best. He will pick at formula 1 but ignores the nori and NLS pellets so far. I soaked the NLS in Vitachem too but no difference. I guess maybe the angel formula is a good long-term food, just expensive. What do you like to feed your guys, or more importantly, what do they like to be fed??

Kahuna Tuna
07/10/2009, 11:03 AM
All of my fish get a good mix of different foods. I feed mostly hikari and Ocean Nutrition frozen; spirulina enriched brine, mysis (PE mysis when I can get it), krill, formula 1 & 2, angel formula and other meaty seafoods like clam, squid, ect. I also feed nori almost daily (all of my large fish are angels, tangs, and rabbits) and the fish just go nuts for it. My BF was pretty choosy about his vittles at first but very soon ended up eating everything I fed. I soak my fish food in garlic, zoe, and vitamins most of the time. I also feed pellets nearly daily as well and really like the New Life Spectrum brand as do my fish. I think my fish actually eat better than I do. :)

07/10/2009, 04:14 PM
Thanks for the input KT!