View Full Version : lights for a 72 inches 180g tank

07/03/2009, 05:37 AM

I bought a used setup and it comes with 72 inches aqua Medic 5X 250 mh light. (has a switch for each bulb)

I'm thinking i might sell this light and take the money to get a Good T5 light.
I have a T5 light on my 65 gallons and love the color and with less heat. I would also save on electricity, or would i?

Any suggestions? The tank is 72X24X24

07/04/2009, 10:18 PM
I have T5 lights on my 180 and love them. I am planning on replacing the 3 250 MH's on my 225 with 6 80w T5s.


07/04/2009, 11:14 PM
i have the same exact tank dimensions as you and i was in the same boat looking for lights. i ended up going with (2) 36" 10 bulb ATI fixtures. its been about a month or so, and i am very happy with the purchase. no dark spots in the tank and the corals are thriving!

07/05/2009, 06:05 AM
Redhanded77 went with the mother-of-all T5 lighting systems for your tank. If you have deep pockets, DEFINITELY go that route. The dual 36" setup gives you total coverage from one side of the tank to the other.

There is a serious downside, though--- total cost and cost of bulb replacement. At $25 per bulb, at 20 bulbs per year, that's pretty costly. Beautiful, though, I'm sure.

Now, if it were me lighting this tank, I would go with an 8 or 10 tube, 60" (80W) setup, which would be roughly half the cost of re-lamping every year.

However, I would use something like Icecap or TEK retro-kits. I would also stagger the lights, with half of them being placed to the far right, half to the far left, with them overlapping the most in the middle. You will get great light coverage, with the brightest spot in the middle 2/3 of the tank.