View Full Version : Great folks to deal with!

07/10/2009, 10:45 AM
I was looking to replace my old RO/DI as the membrane and filters are ready for replacement. The expense was overwhelming, especially since I could order a 5 stage (my old one is a 4 stage) system from The Filter Guys for about $40 more than OEM replacement filters for mine!

In exchanging emails and speaking with Jim, I not only replaced my old system, but upgraded it from a 60gpd system to a 150gpd system and cut my wastewater by about 70%.

My system was modified to my request and was a custom build and was built (and shipped) the same day I ordered it. Once shipped, I got a prompt email with tracking info.

I should receive my system on Monday and will hopefully have time after work to install it. I'll update this post once installed, but so far The Filter Guys really rule!

07/14/2009, 10:44 AM
Well I did get my system Monday and installed it after I got home from work....Install was quick and easy since I was replacing my old system and all the lines were already there. Installation instructions and schematics were top notch, and I was making zero TDS RO/DI water about an hour after I got home! I am going to measure the product vs. waste ratio today, and am contemplating getting a booster pump if The Filter Guys feel I might benefit from one to save some water. Email has been sent so I'll update soon!