View Full Version : filtration question

07/12/2009, 11:55 PM
hey does anyone have any experience with the marineland model 4 sump with the dual bio-wheels as stated before im setting up a 200 gal marineland 48x36x27 and i've always used a refugium on my other tanks but this sump is made for there tank but has no room for a refugium just media trays,bio-wheels and a protein skimmer compartment,also will these bio-wheels house enough bacteria to sustain a sps reef set-up,what do you guys think?

07/13/2009, 02:13 AM
some people say that bio wheels produce more good then harm. because there soposivily "nitrate facotries" thus it might be harder to keep sps.

but someone that has more experince can answer your question better since i dont have experience with that kind of sump and bio wheels