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07/17/2009, 11:42 AM
Ryan Baker and the Reef Central Staff,

Like many folks who normally frequent Reef Central, some of the staff at Drs. Foster and Smith/LiveAquaria.com was surprised when the Reef Central site was down over the last few days. Though speculations and rumors may develop, we must never lose sight how fortunate we are to have such a beneficial resource as Reef Central.

I come to this forum today on behalf of all of our staff. I am starting this post to convey our deepest gratitude to the Reef Central moderators and staff .Their hard work provides an incredible platform for the advancement of the marine aquarium hobby.

Reef Central has done more to advance the marine aquarium hobby toward a sustainable and positive direction faster than any other company, gadget, product, publication, or media outlet has in the last ten years. Any enthusiast that has been in this great hobby as long as I have can attest to the great benefit provided by Reef Central.

Reef Central is an invaluable resource and an incredible educational tool for both new hobbyists and seasoned veterans. We are privileged to have a place where we can interact with other hobbyists and learn more about marine aquarium keeping. This unique platform allows more people to succeed and enjoy this incredibly fulfilling hobby.

Once again, I extend my personal gratitude to Ryan Baker and the moderators/staff at Reef Central. Let us all thank the hard working staff at Reef Central for getting things back online in such a timely manner. We sincerely appreciate your diligence and effort to provide such a fantastic platform for interaction and education. Reef Central is the largest and best resource on the planet for marine aquarium keeping and is an invaluable tool for us all. Together, with Reef Central, we will continue to advance the marine aquarium hobby in a positive direction.


07/17/2009, 12:01 PM
Thank you very much for the kind words Kevin. Like you, this site is my home away from home. Even though I am intimately involved in the business end of the site, I missed RC yesterday, mostly because the wonderful community we have here wasn't available to me. Plain and simple I missed my friends... Sometimes you don't realize how much something means to you until it's gone. We're are doing everything possible to insure things like this don't happen again.

Thanks again Kevin...

Ryan Baker
RC Administrator
[email protected]