View Full Version : How long should I leave on the lights?

07/28/2009, 02:48 PM
I have a 50 gallon wide tank with a outer orbit lighting fixture over it.
Two 96W actinic power compacts and a 150w MH so 342 watts of lighting all together. That's alot of lighting and thats one of the reasons why green algae keeps appearing in my tank. My parameters are fine so I believe it is the lighting. I used to have algae before and after it was all gone I left the lights on for ONE day. The next day (today), the algae is all back. I have a zooanthid as the only coral in the tank so I need the light as well. So how much lightning and which ones between the MH and PCs should I have in order keep the coral healthy but prevent algae spikes? Thanks!

This is my light
http://www.marinedepot.com/36_inch_Current_USA_Outer_Orbit_1x150W_10K_HQI_MH_w_2x96W_Dual_Actinic_4_Lunar_Lights_36_Inch_Double _Ended_Metal_Halide_Power_Compact_Fixtures_with_Moon_Lights-Current_USA-CU01040-FILTFIMHMPMDMLM5-CU01041-vi.html