View Full Version : have spare ICECAPS?

08/13/2009, 04:55 PM
If anyone has spare Icecap Ballasts I'd be interested... My Odyssea system has crappy ballasts and my MH look yellowish.

08/15/2009, 07:27 PM
look on the sellers forums you can get some for sure!

08/15/2009, 07:34 PM
what kind of bulbs are you running for mh's? The reason i ask if you are running the bulbs that came with it, sounds like your spectrum is around 10k. How old are the bulbs? Ice cap ballasts will make it brighter, but the color you are seeing is from your bulbs. If you aren't too concerned with explosive growth, then go to 20k's. With that you will get the eye popping colors but with slower growth. 20k's arewhat i am running on my tank. Usually have to change mh's every 6 mo to 9 depending on the type of bulb. I know there is one type of mh that is a 14k and last awhile, but are really expensive though. Check it out on aquarium specialty. I suspect you have de mh's right? you could always build a hood like i have! lol. That way it is the way you want it! Hope that helps ya out! Good luck on your choice. I would change your bulbs out first!!!!