View Full Version : salt in my aquifer

08/18/2009, 09:55 AM
Im on a well system and when i test my tds there reading 2700's. I asume that there must be salt water in my aquaifer. I have an ro system with a .5 micron fillter, cardon block , membrain , and a di silica buster. i ran this at my old house and got my tds from the mid 300's down to zero. i would think that my current tds of 2700's is way to high to try and clean with my ro. is there anything ells i can run before my current ro system to to rumove or reduce the salt so my ro can effectivly clean the water. is there a special filter made for removal of salt? if so how offten would i have to change this filter? i was thinking of adding a spectra pure max cap to the ro ssystem i have tha would give me a extra 10" filter slot to work with i belive. anything you can do to help me with this will be greatly appreciated. I can only rely on my buddys good will in making water for me with his unit for so long. I need a way to make my own thats not going to kill my wallet.

08/18/2009, 11:20 PM
Thanks for the e-mail also, as I wrote your water is bad. Your tds after RO is going to be anywhere from 55 to who knows what depend on the rejection rate you get. I don't think a Max Cap is going to be the answer.

I suggest you contact someone local and get some suggestions on water conditioning as a first step. You also need a pH reading to see if CO2 is going to be an issue for DI resin besides the high tds.