View Full Version : Seeding a new tank...questions

08/22/2009, 10:03 AM
Hi All,

Bad News:

For various reasons related to work & home I no longer have the time to properly care for all 3 of my tanks. I'm breaking down my 55 gallon, planted freshwater today.

Good News:

I want to move the contents of my 11 month old 30 gal reef into it!

The Plan:

* Drain & completely clean the 55.

* Add live sand...Where to get this? Anyone know an LFS in Queens who might have it? I'll add on top of this the sand from my established 30 gallon reef.
* Add approximately 25 gallons of RO/DI & pre-mixed salt water. (When ready to transfer use the water in old tank?)

Can I immediately add some of my live rock to seed the tank and help it cycle? I have an established HOB refugium too..should I add that right away?

Any tips for seeding this new 55 with my old 30 would be greatly appreciated!


08/22/2009, 11:19 AM
Don't waste money on live sand - you already have more than enough. just use dry sand (Petsmart, $19.99 for #30) it will be alive soon enough. Yes - add any or all of your liverock whne you set it up - transfer as much of the water from the smaller tank too. Also - put your fuge to work right away as well - you will notice little, if any cycle if you are just transfering stuff to a bigger, better home

08/22/2009, 11:59 AM
Really? So I can just start on the whole transfer now? I wasn't anticipating being able to do that...thought I'd be waiting.

Wow...gonna be a longer day then I thought.

Thanks :)