View Full Version : Lumentek 250W and 400W ballasts

08/28/2009, 04:11 PM
I have been running my 175 Bow Front aquirium on 3- 250SE 20K Radium bulbs with 320W actinics for several years all on ice cap ballasts. I want to increase the lighting in my tank in order to get some of my sps at the bottom of the tank. I have been reading about the Lumentek ballasts and I hear that they over drive the bulbs quit a bit. So I'm wondering if I can just change the ballasts to 250W Lumentek and will I see a big increase in PAR or do I need to go with the 400W ballasts.

At first to me, i thought it was a no brainer....Just go with the 400Watt ballasts and bulbs to get better penetration, but I'm hearing that the mysticall 250Ballasts is cranking out some great PAR in certain bulbs. Does anyone have any statistics on these ballasts on Radium bulbs?

08/29/2009, 04:02 PM
Anyone with info?

08/30/2009, 03:57 PM
Don't know about the specs, but I just installed a 250w w/Phoenix 14k and I like it very much. It seems very bright. I don't think these ballast overdrive the bulbs. According to the manufacturer they run the bulb at peak performance according to the bulbs specs.