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08/29/2009, 11:27 PM
Hello Fellow refers!!
I got a very important question regarding switching from
250 SE MH to 175 SE MH....
The reason Iam switching is the fact that I no longer have
Many SPS.....and most of the corals I have are the easy to
keep LPS Hammers,brains etc......and offcourse Softies.......
therefore I think my present 250w is way too much for what I have.....
My fixture is an Ultra USA fixture with 4 T5 bulbs and the MH.
The question is......will 175w look very dim compared to 250w
My tank is a 72g Bowfront tank at 23'' tall with 3'' sandbed.
will there be a difference of looks and offcourse cost of running it.....also thinking of adding clams which require low wattage
any advice will be greatly appreciate it.

08/29/2009, 11:44 PM
i ran 175s and 250 and i didnt notice too much difference, but they were on 2 dif tanks, the 175 was on a 20 gallon and the 250s were on a 75. the cost of running will go down by approx 200 watts/hr. my 175 ballast ran at about 250watts and my 250s ran about 350 watts when measured on the kill a watt

are u saying clams in general require low wattage
or u want to add clams that dont require high light

crocea/maxima require a good ammt of light
whereas derasa/squamosa dont need as much. u could probably get away with 175s w/ a maxima tho, with phyto. clams dont get there bulk ammt of food from zooxanthelle anywayz

08/30/2009, 11:47 AM
hello Addicted.....
I meant clams which do not require much light!?

08/30/2009, 07:27 PM
you could get away with clams, but your gonna definately need to have crocea/maximas higher up on the rocks, within 10" or so of the bulb.