View Full Version : hair algae driving me crazy

09/09/2009, 06:18 AM
This green hair algae won't stop. My water tests well, I got an ro to replace evaporation, my temp has been good, not sure what else to do. I have taken the toothbrush to the rocks a few times to clean it off, and have added quite a few crabs, but it comes back fast. My plan is to clean the rocks off again and get lots more crabs/slugs, vs get rid of some of these rocks and replace w/ live rock. I don't really want that expense given I may only be here 1 more year. Any other tips?

09/09/2009, 06:44 AM
I solved my issue by completely breaking down my system and starting over. The RO system and a good source of Natural Sea Water helped. I have not had a green hair issue since.

If you aren't, I would suggest using the well water from ACO to do your water changes. Also what size is your tank, skimmer, what fish do you have and how old is the tank?

09/09/2009, 08:11 AM
How old is the tank? hair algae is pretty common on new setups.

I find that a combo of turbos, and cerith and pulling out the big clumps by hand kept mine under control.

09/09/2009, 08:35 AM
you have an imbalance in your system. When you say you are using ro water are you using a ro/di system? If not then i will say you need to get an ro/di system. Also besides a good clean up crew, which my system doesn't even have now a days. I would say a way to counter nitrates and phosphates. Algae will not grow unless it has something to feed off of. A skimmer is a must for Saltwater setups. If you are scrubbing your rocks I would suggest getting a toothbrush and drill a hole in the center of where the bristles are and rig it with a airline hose to get the hair algae out. If you are just scrubbing it in your tank it will spread quick. With this method you will get what you scrub off. I did this when i had an issue awhile back. I would suggest trying carbon dosing. It has alot of success stories, I run the zeo system and I don't have that issue unless i over dose on certain items like iron or the food for the bacteria, or the zeostart. Don't stress just try things, that is what most do.

09/09/2009, 05:22 PM
oh, do you have a sump? I have plenty of Chaeto that helps out tremendously.

09/10/2009, 08:55 PM
What rocks are you using? Some rocks can leach phosphates for quite a while, I'd look at this first as I bet it's a big part of the problem. Also using plastic trash cans for mixing or collecting water and letting it sit can also leach phosphates. Are you using any kind of GFO? Do you have a phosphate test?

Crabs don't really help much but snails do. I use some of the ones that are on the pylons at sunabe, not the zebra striped bumblebee snails, these guys are actually on the pylons and are brownish to black. They eat the crap out of some algae. Also if you dive or snorkel, the medium to largeish snails that usually have tons of coralline on their shells are amazing. I have a medium size one who demolishes algae on the glass. Their shells are kind of pyramid shaped and they usually come out at night.