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09/17/2009, 02:35 PM
I read the article Reefkeeping 101 Sumps!
I have a question for you
I just purchased a 2760 Gph Centrifugal In-line Electric Water Pump 1/2Hp with max head height of 30'. I'm using it on a 120 gal reef with a 20 gal sump and a 30 gal fuge. The sump and the fuge are in my basement and the pump will be pumping the water up to the DT about 10-12 feet. Taking into account the elbows and such in my plumbing, I figure that the pump will be pumping about 1900 gph give or take. I also have a Hydor Koralia 4 power-head rated for 1200gph currently in my DT. I plan on plumbing the return with 1" pvc T'd off in the back of the tank so that the water is dispersed on both ends.
My question is, Do you think that this will be over kill for my aquarium, and should I put a T in my return line to divert water back to the sump/fuge to lessen the amount of water going to the DT. Also, do you think that 2- 1 1/4 overflows will be sufficient for the pump. I have also included a quick drawing of the layout. Any suggestions would be great.

09/17/2009, 05:10 PM

The problem I see is that you have the potential to move 1900gph through your 20g sump even with it hitting the refugium as well. That's 95x turnover through a small sump.

You could give it a try to see how it works if you own everything, but I think you'll want a bigger sump, and you still may need to put a ball valve to slow down the flow going back up to the tank depending how cleanly your drain lines are installed.

The pump you own now is going to cost you a fortune in electricity consumption 24 hours a day.

If you prefer a different pump, perhaps the new Maxijet Utility Pump would do better. I recently tested out the 5500, which used about 70w of power and moves 1385gph max. It can push up to 13' vertically, and Marine Depot sells them for $159. It will do the job, won't cost a lot in power, won't push too much flow through your sump, can be run internally or externally... I like that pump, but I've only run it for a few days, not long term. Oh, it has a three year warranty from Marineland too. :D

Happy reefing!