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09/24/2009, 01:59 PM
I am running two 150 gpd membranes with just under 40 psi... and only getting 92% rejection rate. I can practically see my DI resin getting spent.

Per our discussion, I am going to convert to a single membrane and booster with the primary goal of getting better rejection rate and at least 100 gpd.

You recommended...

" ... a single 75 gpd membrane with pressure boosted to 90 psi. With 65 degree F water, you'll produce about 115 gpd, with a high rejection rate."

So, from your websight. I need an
1. aquatech 8800 pump
2. a 75 gpd membrane
3. pre filter
4. power supply
5. and do I need a pressure switch also?

I have a pressure tank, which I am not using, and I assume I can't use it with 90 psi... although I can't find the specs for the tank I seem to remember 50 psi as the max.

Also, I use a solenoid controlled by a float switch to fill my fresh water resevior tank... now with a single daily fill cycle conrolled bya timer. Are solenoids typically o.k. for 90 psi? The ones I use are rated for max 90 psi.

This is just fresh water in an unfinished basement... so a fresh water leak from the system would not be more than an annoyance.


Buckeye Hydro
09/24/2009, 06:11 PM
You need a flow restictor too.

You can use a pressure tank on an RODI system, but you should install check valves so that water from that tank is never fed to the DI. Remember that if you have 90 psi in your feedwater, most of that pressure goes out the drain line. So your solenoid should be fine.

Sounds like your ATO system will stop the flow of DI water, but you'll need the pressure switch to tell the pump to shut off.

Better watch that solenoid and make sure it still works - hard to tell w/o more info.

Do you have a way to install a sediment filter ahead of the pump?