View Full Version : Sump Design

10/01/2009, 10:53 PM
Now that the tank is all cleaned up... Sump Time..

I know some have posted designs on a few threads, but I have a slightly unique situation, I guess.

The guy I bought my tank from used a 30L as a wet/dry filter and I'd like to reuse the tank.


That's the design I have going currently.. 120 Gal AGA RR.
The Dark blue pieces will be PVC tubing used to support the refuge bottom.
The Inlets are on the backside, and drilled the return pipe is on the front and uses 90 deg. elbows to go around to the return pump.. Quiet One 6000.
I will of course be using two unions around the pump for easy removal, a ball valve on the return, and a T/Ball valve into the Fuge, but my main concern is the design and flow of the sump, would the above design flow nicely? Would I even need a bubble trap with this setup? I was thinking about putting a small 'bridge' to carry water from the top of the refuge down to near where the water spills over the skimmer section. Then I would put a two pane bubble trap, where the third is the under-section of the return area...

Any input would be great.. I can't seem to find an example of anything like this online..