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10/05/2009, 07:29 PM
hello im a newbie to the whole salt water aquarium thing, and i was experimenting with some pilchards, a pinfish, a hermit crab, and a small starfish i cought off my dock to see if i could keep thatm alive basicly.

i've been having some trouble with the pilchards, though. i had one(luigi) that died unexpectedly, and i don't know what caused it. i tried to put two other ones in, but they freaked out, so i put them back in the bay before they killed themselves.

then i had another one(mario, who i caught along with luigi) and he developed a rash. at least it looks like one; its red and at the base of his tail. he lost some scales, also and its getting bigger, too. earlier today, it wasn't that bad, and barley noticable. i saw the pinfish takeing a couple of bites at it, but it might not be all his fault. i put some rocks in there that i got from the bay which have barnicles, so i think he cut himself and it got infected, and the pinfish sensed him dying and tried to get a meal out of it. i think the pinfish is the one who tore off the long part of his top fin. needless to say i got rid of him!

now mario is laying on his back on the ground and im sure hes going to die, and i can't do anything to help him :( he's breathing really hard, poor thing.

also, i have two other pilchards in there (rocky and luna) because they are usually in groups, so i didn't want mario to be alone.

whats wrong with mario?

on second analysis, mario died :( just now, and i looked at his tail, and now it looks more like small cuts.
there it a little bump there and since i caught him in a cast net (bad idea, yes) and he was kinda stuck in the whole, there it a mark of that, but barley noticible. last time i use a cast net to catch a fish! but were these things the cause of his demise?

10/05/2009, 07:50 PM
They are an open water fish and will not survive long in anything other than a huge tank. You do not see them in the aquarium trade.

10/06/2009, 01:42 PM
oh wow i should have thought of that.
well thank you for your answer, i appreciate it.

no more pilchards for me then.