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10/25/2009, 06:58 PM
I have a new RO/DI system from Russ @ Buckeye Field Supply being delivered tomorrow and would like some feedback on what I "think" will work for setting it up. I want to put the system outdoors on my patio. It would be plumbed into the hose bib for a supply, and the waste line into the external drain cleanout of my kitchen sink, which is only a few feet away. I am thinking of buying a Rubbermaid Brute trash can with a lid as the collection receptacle, which would also sit outside. I think I'm going to build a small platform from 2x4's and plywood to elevate the Brute. I am wondering if I could put some type of external spigot through the side of the Brute to fill up my 5-gal jugs, Homer buckets...

Does this sound like it would work good? What type of valve/bulkhead would you recommend for the Brute? How about float switches?

Buckeye Hydro
10/25/2009, 07:22 PM
If you are going to put it outside (not ideal), make sure you keep it out of bright light, and keep the temperature of the system less than about 90 degrees, and never let it freeze.

Why not run your waste water out into your yard or use that water in some other way instead of sending it down the drain?

You could use a float valve http://buckeyefieldsupply.com/showproducts.asp?Category=196&Sub=109
on the end of your DI tube.

You could put a bulkhead fitting: http://buckeyefieldsupply.com/showproducts.asp?Category=188&Sub=133 through the side of the Brute, and put some tubing onto that fitting and put a valve on the end of the tube like this:

Do you also need or did you already order an auto shut off valve?


10/26/2009, 03:10 PM
Uh oh. I may have issues then. It regularly gets over 90 on my patio as it faces due west, and once in a blue moon the water in my dogs bowls freezes over. Time to go to plan "B" and find someplace in the garage. I understand the freezing problems, but why the problem with temps over 90???

One question about the bulkheads and the Brute can. Is there a problem with the curvature of the can and the bulkhead being flat? Seems like it would not seal right.

Buckeye Hydro
10/26/2009, 04:05 PM
Remember that much of the system contains non-chlorinated water. Bacteria love it. Warm water = bacterial soup.

Membranes don't like hot water either.

You should be ok with a bulkhead fitting on a 46'ish gallon brute can.