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10/28/2009, 11:11 AM
Hello all,

Iím still very much a newbie, so please excuse me for my lack of specific details/vocabulary/grammars in regards to this post. =) My first day here on this forum. Warning Ė this is a very long POST. =) I will update this post with the algae pix & the WATER PARAMETERs later if needed. I think if I look close enough I probably have all variety of ALGAE in my tank! All this started with some algae on a few LR that I bought from someone that said it will gradually die out, yet I let it take over my tank! I should have done things differently, but Iím here for help now!

History of the tank: I setup my 72Gal BowFront tank AGAIN about 6months+ ago. It has: 100lbs+ of LR, 2Ē sand, 2 over hang flitters and a skimmer. I bought 50gal of the shops saltwater to get the tank started again. I only have a clown fish, a puffer, a cleaner shrimp, (maybe a small lobster if itís still alive), a few dif. Snails. I also have sufficient coral light (will get the brand details later) and several different corals.

Problem: I have done very little research on it thru www.ReefClearns.org and forums for help. After looking at the site I think my tank has many dif. algae, such as Film Algae (in back wall of the tank), Hair Algae (on rocks/near the bottom resting on the sand). Not recently, but in the past I had some Bryopsis pennata? (the feather liked algae) problem as well. Here and there I would get Bubble Algae!!!

Past solution: I know it wasnít the best, but I did what I could with the help that I had. So far monthly or so I manually pulled out any ALGAE that I could get a hold of. From time to time I would take the rocks out of the tank and removed it. Next, I remove about 5-10gal of old water depending on evaporation and try to get any small floating algae with this as possible. I then run an extreme powerhead on either side of the tank for about 30 mins or so and continue to net out any small algae that is running against the water current. (Iím not sure what size is the powerhead is made for Ė bought back from someone Ė but the current is too strong it keep it running at all time). After that, I add in about 5gal of the shops SW and 5gal of FW (from the store Ė like Wal-mart (closest to DIO water for me) and add my routine nutrients, buffer, calcium and etc.

**PS** For the past months Iíve been getting morning sickness (urgh) and havenít had alot of help lifting/pooring/cleaning this tank. Those 5gals are HEAVY for now!! =( If not I would do water change more often, since I donít have an underneath tank system for filtration etc. But, things are better around here and I should be able to preserver through all this and get my tank clean up!!!

Any suggestions on the clean up crew?? I read that I should get some Ceriths, Blue Legs, Hermits, Turbos, Limpets and Chitons? LOL not a clue on some of them! A person at Petco had recommended buying like 1 Turbo snail for every gal in my tank. Um it was $3+ each!! So Iím planning to get it online, if you know of any cheaper price online please let me know. Iím on a very tight budget as with the new child coming! Another suggestion was to starve it out by using a phosban reactor or a macro like chaeto to take down phosphate. If I have a nitrate problem too, it said I can add more live rock or rubble to the tank. (Which I wonít do, since I have probably have 120+lbs of LR in my 72G in which it already slowing down my filtration system with the lack of flow in the back). ReefClearner also suggested do some more wcs, add macro, add dsb, etc.

BTW, I forgot to add Iím planning to cut back on the coral lighting from 8hrs to maybe just 5 hrs for a few weeks? So whatís your take on what I should do? How would I execute this dilemma with the cheapest and quickest way possible? Thanks so much for reading this, I appreciated so soOOo SO MUCH!

Have an awesome day!!!
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10/28/2009, 12:36 PM
sorry did not even finish reading but did you say puffer and shrimp in the same tank. im not sure thats a good idea. unless I am thinking of something else the puffer will eat all your inverts and maybe all your fish.