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10/28/2009, 01:01 PM
i recently inherited a 155 Gallon , stocked tank. there are only about 10 snails, no crabs, and two cleaner shrimp. (along with 9 fish, two coral and one anenome)
sounds like i need more snails????

suggestions? (and why?)

10/28/2009, 01:40 PM
I dont use crabs as CUC personally. You may need more snails, how is the algea on the glass/rocks? Is the sand getting enough movement to not clump together? I like nassarius snails for thier sand stirring and clean up of un-eaten food. What are the fish that you have? Any herbivores that would be eating algea anyways?

It all depends on if the tank requires you get more. If you dont have any issues (algae, or dirty looking sandbed) then you may not.

10/28/2009, 02:13 PM
some "clumping sand" (like two or three pieces) i'm having a little algea issue. not a ton, just enough to be concerned... but i really don't know enough about aquaria to know what i should have, or what it should llok like.
all my tank parameters are o-k, with the exception of high (480ppm) calcium, and high ( i think 20) nitrate. i did a 10% change last weekend and plan a 10% change this weekend. btw- calcium was over 500ppm prior to water change!

will a more "substantial" cleaner crew help control nitrate? or just algea (caused by high nitrate?)

thanks again...

10/28/2009, 02:40 PM
I have a 120 gallon mixed reef, I have at least 40 snails (10 astrea, 15 Trochus, 5 turbo, 10 nassirius) and maybe about 25 small blue legged hermits.

I also have two small urchins (the gulf ones).

The cleaner crew will eat the algae, the nitrate you need to deal with by either heavier skimming, more water changes, or growing macro algae as an export.

Feeding less and more water flow in the tank (so all the detritus makes it to the overflow/skimmer, etc) will also help with algae problems.

- MikeT

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10/28/2009, 03:26 PM
check out reefcleaners.org, and tell them what your setup is and they will recomend a CUC for you. I went with what they recomended and my tank is still sparkling. They are pretty reasonable and do a nice job with the shipping.

10/28/2009, 08:42 PM
Lets see a picture of your new tank, and will just see how bad that algae is. I would by a book and learn about what you have in your new tank. if you post a pic I (and some of the people hear) probably could tell you the fish and corals you have and what they do and need (if you don’t already know). I would say your tank probably needs more snails, but cant say for sure, because we dont know what other fish you have in there that could also be eating the algae.

10/29/2009, 08:47 AM
can't really see the algea...
it's not bad, mostly a green "haze" that i have been cleaning every couple of days...