View Full Version : Chemi pure & vodka dosing? Same as carbon?

10/29/2009, 01:21 AM
Wondering if anyone had any thoughts or opinions on the pros/cons (if any) to using chemi pure instead of plain carbon while dosing vodka. I love the clarity chemi pure gives and would like to start using it after my regular carbon needs replaced but will still continue my vodka dosing. Thoughts?


10/29/2009, 01:38 AM
Chemi pure is granulated activated carbon(gac) with a bit of di resin. The di resin although helpful in freshwater applictions exhausts quickly in salt water without accomplishing much. So essentialy chemipure is gac and may not be the highest quality gac in terms of porosity and surface area. . The elite chemipure also includes some gfo. Either can be used when carbon dosing( vodka,vinegar ,sugar, etc).

Since gac exports organic carbon. it is important to use it when dosing organic carbons such as vodka, vinegar, sugar, etc. FWIW I prefer a quality lignite form of gac or the gold standard rox 8 carbon.