View Full Version : Jawfish tank/acclimatization

11/01/2009, 07:14 PM
I love jawfish and tried to make a perfect tank for one.
50T with 8-9" deep sandbed (fine sand with plenty of rubble)
Rock-work supported by PVC on eggcrate shelves.

Added a nice Bonaire Pearly last week.

Although I used as little eggcrate as possible, he insists on digging only to the eggcrate and not along its edges (still under rocks) that would let him go much deeper. Doesn't seem very happy, staying hidden all the time.

To make it worse, he pushed through the teeth in the overflow (the top is covered) twice now and went for a ride to the sump. I covered the overflow teeth with bridal veil, so no possible exits left. Found him at night in an exposed corner making a bit of a nest, but then he gave up.

Should I pull the rocks and re-do the support to not block digging (big job) or just let him settle down for a while? It's pretty dark at night, would some moonlight help him do some nocturnal construction?

suggestions? thanks.

11/01/2009, 07:21 PM
Yep, every once of these guy's adorability is matched by their ability to try your patience. I tell you this... make sure that the tank is sealed tight. They can, and will, even jump thru eggcrate.

I'd say if the tank has a good three inches to dig, he'll find it with some time. My blue spot was extremely active at night. I'd say some moonlight is a good idea.

11/02/2009, 12:54 AM
When first introduced one of my jawfish would always seek to dig out corner, which never worked. eventually he got the hang of digging under rocks and such and now has a sweet little burrow.

IME, my jawfish sleep in their burrows at night, covering the netrance before they sleep for the evening - I wouldn't say that they've ever really been active at night.

11/02/2009, 05:51 PM
Thanks - everything is sealed with bridal veil (even the overflow teeth now).
Still very shy in a cave in the middle of the rocks - worried he's not eating. He ate well in the store. I'll try mysis again tonight and squirt some in his cave just in case...

11/05/2009, 07:43 PM
Things are settling down.

The jawfish found a rock on the side with deep sand underneath. It is under the tunze stream, so it sucks food past his entrance and up to the tunze. He darts up and grabs stuff as they go by. Still found him roaming the tank last few nights, but he's busy digging in this new spot.

Interestingly, I added a gold watchman yesterday and now they're roomates! I had hoped he would pair with my pistol shrimp, but he sits in the jawfish entrance and guards it. The jawfish isn't concerned and digs, dumping the sand on the goby's head. Like a guard at Buckingham palace, the goby is stoic, but darts up to grab a mysis as it is carried past by the current.

We'll see how long this partnership lasts...

11/07/2009, 06:57 PM

The odd couple decided to end it all together.

Somehow they got past the bridal veil and into the overflow, through the frag tank and into the sock in the sump. The watchman survived, but the jawfish was stuck on the side of the sock and died. I suspect he was the leader of the cult....

The watchman is a bit shaken...