View Full Version : Upgrade from 110 gallon to 30 gallon?

11/02/2009, 10:54 AM
Well I started off with a 110 gallon with a wet/dry filter. The tank origionally had bio balls in the sump that was later changed about 1 year after it was started. Since this past May I have been removing all of the sand from the tank except where the goby and pistol live. The tank currently has no form of filtration running other than circulation and 30lbs of liverock.The tank also uses a koralia 1,2,3, and 4 for circulation. Was 250 LED lights that made the mushroom spread fast I don't know why though.
Here is a pic of ht ecurrent tank

After a month of cycling. May 2008

Now I know the tank does not have any live rock but in about 3 months it gets live rock. I also had no deaths on any of the animals until I started quarantining fish which never worked out. Everytime I quarantined they would last two weeks and then die once I acclimated them to the tank which made no sense since the goby and clownfish were able to survive.

Now to the new setup I found out the one of my co workers was selling a 30 gallon aquarium with hood lights wet/dry, protein skimmer, 55 gallon and wood stand, 30 gallon tank, garbage can for mixing salt, hydrometer saltwater reef lighting four feet long. Mag 7 return, and a lot of other pumps and stuff to numerous to name. For $250 I sold the 55 gallon with stand for $200 and am curretly selling the 30 gallon for $50.

I moved over my live rock from the 110 gallon into the new 30 gallon aquarium. The protein skimmer fills its collection cup about every day or so.
The lighting is 2 96 watt actnics and 1 150 watt or 250 watt mh the guy wasn't sure. The canopy also has two fans and a moonlight system.
Here is a pic of the tank.

The tank is currently about 2 weeks old from today I added a mushroom about a week ago to see how it would fair with the lights.
The current occupants of the 110 gallon that are going in the 30 gallon are a ocellaris clownfish, yellow watchmen goby / tiger pistol shrimp, nassarius not sure how many, cleaner shrimp and the current corals which are torch, mushrooms, goinpora, candycane, and a hammer.

The occupants that are leaving are the astrea snails, serpent star, sand sifting star.
If you think that I should not carry over to the new tank something please post or if something should go to the new tank that isn't please post.

Now here are some questions that I have for the new the tank is currently filtering through a built in overflow into the sump that travels to the protein skimmer and then to the mag 7 for return through two bulkhead fittings in the mid left and far right of the tank.
Do you think that is enough circulation since or should I add a koralia?

The lights are currently running with the moon lights on for 14 hours followed by the actnics for 10 hours, mh has not been turned on.
For the photo period on the lights what should it be?

My stocking list for the new tank includes the ocellaris clown and the yellow watchmen goby.
What I would like to add is a orchid psuedochromis, tailspot blenny, banghaii cardinal. Do you think this is an ok stock list?
Or is there another fish that would be good?

I plan on the tank being mostly sps with the hammer and torch corals on the left side. Mushrooms and zoas on the sand.

Any help would be greatly aprreciated.

Pic of my goby and pistol shrimp home after he built it in an hour after I took the rocks out he moved every shell from anywhere in the tank to the new spot before he covered it with sand it looked like an entrance way to a palace.