View Full Version : Soak food in prazipro?

11/02/2009, 11:26 AM
I believe on of my anthias has internal parasites...
but its eating well..
Can I just soak the food in prazipro? Thanks

11/02/2009, 12:15 PM

No - because there is no way to tell how much medication is being taken up by the food, thus you are just guessing at the dose. The typical dose is 50mg praziquantel per kilogram of fish weight. Too many variables there; you don't know how much prazi will stick to the food, you don't know the weight of the fish, and you don't know how much of the food the fish will eat.
I'll catch a fish, weigh it, then tube-feed it an appropriate amount that way. Noga's book has a "best guess" idea of preparing food that is 0.50% prazi, and then feeding about 1% of the fish's body weight for one day.

Many internal worm parasites have life cycles that are self-limiting in captivity, and most other ones are not inherently fatal. There are some nasty internal protozoan infections that fish can get, but I don't think prazi helps with that...