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11/02/2009, 07:25 PM
I was wondering what an appropriate clean up crew for a 120 gallon mixed reef would be. i've finally upgraded from my 29 gallon reef to a 120 gallon. it is an established reef that is about 4-5 years old. the live rock is covered in tiny feather dusters. coraline algae is so abundant i had to scrape it all out of the over flow lovers because it was slowing the sump down and the pump was over powering it. right now i have a protein skimmer running and i have room in my sump for either algae or live rock rubble. i need help preventing algae blooms. i already have a small diatom bloom from using 10 gallons of un rodied water. I was backed into a corner of either losing the fish and coral or deal with diatoms. the tank had some hair algae when i got it. i scrubbed it off the rocks the best i could.

what should i do for filtration to prevent algae
1. Cheato/fuge?
2. live rock rubble?
3. Phosphate reactor?
4. Carbon in a bag?

and what should my live stock be for a clean up crew. i have a volitian lion and a valentini puffer so shrimp are out and i possibly hermit crabs too.
how many snail and what kind?
algae blenny?
sand sifters?

anything im forgetting?

11/03/2009, 09:07 PM
You're forgetting to include some of the info we need. Water parameters, test kit, type of skimmer, lights, lighting schedule, feeding schedule, water change frequency and amount, flow etc etc.

W/o that info I can only guess. But I'd say macro in your fuge would be the best help. A GFO reactor might also help but would only be a bandaid.

11/16/2009, 06:00 PM
ok for paramerter i have

ph- 8.3
ammonia -0
nitrite - 0
nitrate - 0
DkH - 8
calcium 420ppm
salinity 1.024
oxy- 7

my skimmer is a super skimmer with needle wheel up to 220 gallons
my lights are nova extremes t5 4 10k and 4 actinic 54 watts each
10 hours actinic and 8 hours 10k
about 200lbs live rock
not sure about the return pump but it seems extremely powerful. i believe about 1200 gph at head i also purchased a korillia 4 power head to create alternating flow.

i feed the tank every other day with frozen krill and frozen brine. they days that dont get fed frozen i add flake and marine formula 2 and i feed the corals zooplex and phytoplex

i change the water every week and i change 20 gallons with fresh ro/di and instant ocean salt

im all set to get a clean up crew and the tank really needs it. i was thinking 100 astrea snails 100 blue legged hermits 10 emerald crabs, and maybe some serpent stars for the sand

would this be efficient should i get a variety of snails. like nerite, mexican turbo, etc.