View Full Version : In sump frag tank

11/02/2009, 08:46 PM

I am in the midst of planning a 48 inch 120 gallon aquarium. As such, i am essentially limited to a 36 inch sump design. Additionally i cannot have any external sump/tanks to plumb to the system. The question is, i want to incorporate a frag tank section directly into the center of my sump (separated by baffles), but is this a good idea? I really am fascinated with coral fragging and farming but realize that it would be more beneficial to perhaps add a refugium section in the sump instead. I am looking into the 40 gallon breeder (36x16x16) or a 50 gallon (36x18x18) for reference.


note- the skimmer would be an in sump design therefore taking up a section of sump, and i am debating weather to add and external return pump or not.