View Full Version : Replaced pipefish but not shrimp

11/04/2009, 07:45 AM
Have had an okay experience with Blue Zoo because of customer service and returns . I had two dragon faced pipe fish ordered. Both ordered for medium size,recieved a very small one. Peppermint shrimp attacked it, ate her eye out and killed her by doing so. I took a picuture and within a few weeks got a credit. I had a big learning experience and it is to always, always research anything new and research THOROUGHLY. Never just trust a fish website. This website does not have all infomation one should know about purchasing pipefish (if any). According to research, pipefish should never be put in with peppermint shrimp.:hammer:

Also, be sure to take a picture of any DOA arrival becaue they will NOT refund/credit without a picture . My second order had a very cold, DOA (in the summer) peppermint shrimp. I threw it out and was told that they wouldn't replace it without a picture. Cold packs were really cold. As far as my other items, a pagoda cup and flower coral, they arrived beautifully and are the most beautiful pieces of coral I have ever had. :bounce3: