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11/10/2009, 03:54 PM
By january i will have moved my tank. my parents plan to redo the family room, and now its my shot to get a sump and get everything off the back of the tank. some are my plans are listed below:

The stand, in order to have more space i think the stand is going to be around 5'x2' and i cant decide on a hight i'm thinking around 3ft. I want to have doors that either slide, or open on hinges, but then a button can release the hinge to take the door off. i think i have a relative design for how the stand will be, but i don't know how to skin it. I was thinking to use something thats black. If anyone has any ideas, or knows a thing or 2 about woodworking and finishing please contribute i'm in the dark here and need everyones advice.

On to within the stand. I plan on doing a 20g sump, and a 10g refug. Though, if i can get bigger things under the stand i will. Here is the 20g i have right now, it is already drilled in one side but at the top:

I was thinking i could gravity feed this right into the refug, then put the return external to the 10g. To do this i would have to drill the 10g tank. Heres the 10g:

I dunno if it is tempered, and i don't want to drill myself. These tanks are like candy though, i can get another for 10 bucks, or maybe get another 20. I have a place to get as many 20's as i want for 5 bucks, so wait epiphany, why don't i upgrade to a 20g sump. The only problem with that is room, i wont have space. So back to the 20g. I was also thinking about adding another 10g (frag tank) right next to the first and splitting the return out of the 20 and then merging the 2 10g back before the return pump. I need to build a stand big enough for what i want in it, and i can always add stuff to take up excess room on top (ie books, plants, ect).

Now to the equipment part. I want to get a canister filter, Phosphate media reactor, carbon reactor, and a possibly a calc reactor if i were to need it. But for sure phosphate and carbon. I was looking at the TLF reactor as a hob style for the sump. I need suggestions on good filters, and how to hook up and get everything running. I am going to keep the PC lights for now as T-5 just arent in the budget if im doing all of this remodling, and i need to get a smaller PC to grow frags in the 10g frag tank.

Other than those few additions everything will remain the same. Unless you guys feel im missing something..

i REALLY Really REALLY need everyones imput and advice here, because i have around 50 days to get a plan and pitch it to the parents for funds (xmas present). THANKS everyone in advance and i will keep you guys updated.

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11/11/2009, 07:57 PM
Well with no comments on what to do i went up and drafted up some quick models....

took a little while cause i suck at this program, but all measurments are exact and i know eactly what i need, i think its a little over kill on the legs, but o well...

side and back

i went up to a 5x3x3 stand. this way i will have enough room for 2 20g underneath. I am going to need to drill one.

i will post a pick of what the inside of the stand will look like when get more time, till next time.

11/11/2009, 08:11 PM
I think your stand is over kill and missing the strength points. I would suggest 2 x 4's on your corners in between your upper and lowers. It looks like your relying on screws all the way around. I'm not sure but I think there are plains for stands on RC just not sure how to find them. Maybe put a post up on stand designs. Just my thoughts.

11/11/2009, 10:59 PM
I agree, the stand looks like it's using way more lumber than it needs to, the wood should be supporting it vertically by being in between the horizontal pieces. Here's the famous guide on building stands: