View Full Version : Dual 150 gpd membrane order!

11/25/2009, 11:20 AM
I finally bit the bullet and just ordered a dual membrane set with an 8800 booster pump!
I process about 650 gallons per month and the normal membrane with the 4-1 waste ratio is crazy wasteful! :crazy1:
Thanks Jim for offering this set up!
I might have questions about setting it up :)

12/05/2009, 08:38 AM
I installed the 2nd membrane and booster pump this morning. Excellent written instructions and diagrams! Thanks.

No leaks and the pressure is @ 90-95psi. Is that okay?

I did a water change on one of my systems this morning so the filter is replacing @ 30 gallons. I am timing it to see how long it takes...

I will also be ordering some DI resin and an extra prefilter to add prior to the booster pump. I have an extra glass housing, I just need a micron flter and I forgot to order it before.

12/05/2009, 10:05 AM
It wasn't making any water (only rejected water) and I determined that the Auto Shut Off Valve was upside down. The 'top' is the side with the screw heads showing.

It appears to be working properly now and is making pure water at a fast rate.

Ohhh.. the pressure going into the first membrane is around 77psi now that I flipped the ASOV.

12/05/2009, 11:28 AM
The pressure is fine, glad you were able to go back and correct the plumbing, when you get things pulled apart those things happen. I would expect production to be about 7 GPH with waste at about 8 3/4 and those figures can be up or down. Once you put that pump on it really kicks up the production rate.

Our test system which I have used for almost 4 years now produces 7.5 GPH on a booster with 85 PSI and water temps in the 60's.


12/06/2009, 01:07 PM
Yep, that seems about right. Mine is getting just under 10 gallons per hour.

I do have a problem though. My reservoir is 65 gallon semi clear plastic container that has a black float switch controlling the level. When the water level rises and the float begins to close (but not completely), my 8800 booster pump cycles on/off constantly every 5-10 seconds until the float valve closes completely.

I went to bed lastnight so I did not notice it cycling but today after another water change, I could hear it humming on/off.

How can I prevent this?

Here is a photo of my reservoirs. The RO/DI is on top, the saltwater is below it.

12/06/2009, 04:06 PM
Need a better float valve that is a positive shutoff if yours is a Kent Marine dump it they are junk and most common cause of problems.