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12/01/2009, 09:01 AM
Well TMO is here to pick up my tank and the few other things I am bringing with me (RC car). I will be there around the 31st of December, or 1st of Jan. Someone point me out where the LFS's are I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


12/01/2009, 08:08 PM
I have cut and pasted an old thread that has good gouge on the LFSs. Have a safe move.

There are a few around island.

PPM: head out Kadena gate2, go all the way to 329. at 329 hang a left and go up the hill about 500m or so, and its on your left, just past the little toyota dealer there. If you get to the light at the top of the hill, you've gone to far. They are only open from noon until 8, Friday, Saturday and Sunday right now.

Aqua Culture Okinawa: Head south on 58. 58 branches off to the right, right there before pit stop used car rip off place. Head that way twords the Okinawan Convention Center. Go past that...go up over the bridge. after the little bridge, there is a stoplight with a family mart at the corner. Hang a right there (only way to turn), follow it around to the right and at the seawall make a left and go through the gate. ACO is on the left right at the corner.

Marine Lagoon (also refered to as "the fish lady"): Head north on 58, past Kadena gate 1, go past the flightline, and at the intersection where the new CoCo's curry houre is, make a left, and at the next intersection make a right and her shop is on the left about 350m. (on the right side of the road there is a little grocery store)

There is also a shop in Naha, but im not familiar with the road names, so I dont want to get you lost. Theres the 3 that I go to the most.

Theres a new shop on 23 about 2kms up the hill off of 58. It will be on your left side. Ive been in there a couple of times, not a place for saltwater IMO. Freshwater, there stuff appears very healthy.

Petbox. There is one in Naha and the one in Chatan/Mihama area. I think everyone knows where the one in Chatan/Mihama is. The one in Naha...best way for me to describe...if you know where sports dept is...go east to the first stoplight, hang a left and petbox will be on your right.

Makeman/moneyman/DIY store: (all the same place) Most of the Makeman's around island have saltwater livestock. They also carry hardware such as tanks and supplies. Directions, there are many around island.

Reports on the shops:
PPM is coral farm. They go to the ocean, pull coral and propogate it. Prices are a little steep but there corals are in tip top shape. They also have water (15g will cost me 1200y) but my corals love there water. Its a little steep but I dont mind paying it. The people are really friendly, but english is limited. They also culture photoplankton, my tank likes it when I bring some home. Also, they have cyclopyses (sp) which is a great thing for tanks. My fish and anenomes go nuts over the stuff. Price is 4500y for a huge brick of it that should last a real long time. They are starting to carry fish as well.

The fish lady. Her shop is your typical mama & papasan shop. Some of her coral looks like crap, sometimes you go in there and her coral is real nice. Some of her stuff in the for sale tanks isnt always for sale...its always something new when you go in there. Her english is good when you pull out money to spend.
The papasan speaks english really well, he will order things for you, should you want something, he made a real nice sump for teto for an unbeliveable price (and hes gonna make dastank, Mike, a sump whenever he decides he wants to finish his tank ) Prices are good as well. I sometimes get water from them...15g cost me about 400y. Huge difference between that and PPM. I find PPM's water to be better quality though...
The fish ladys hours, 3:30-9. She is closed on Tuesdays. Sometimes she opens late and closes early. Like I said...typical mama & papasan shop. I've also cought her when shes open on Tuesdays.

Aqua Culture Okinawa: This is more of a research/breeding ground place for other shops. They propogate and ship to other shops in mainland. Its a real hardcore full blown coral farm that operates 6 days a week. There is a gentleman that is real friendly down there, Arikho (sp) and he will help in anyway that he can. Really a nice guy. They have or can pretty much order anything that you want. Prices are cheap! Very cheap. They have a saltwater well. There tanks are tied into the ocean...pretty wild place IMO.

Petbox: Im not a fan of petbox fish. There tanks are resonably priced. Powerheads/lights/food/etc. etc., I've found to be about 3x's the amount the exact same thing costs you in the states. If you NEED something right away, I say go for it. If you have access to purchase things from the states, do so. Just my Y2.
Petbox is abotu the only place to purchase tanks and hardware.
I think they are open from 10am-8pm.

Makeman DIY stores: They get about the same amount of credit as petbox from me. They have things but it would take a rare fish or peice of livestock to get my attention, and have enough guts to put it in my tank. They close at 8pm I believe.

12/02/2009, 04:11 AM
When you get here and are ready to look around at things, give me a ring and I can take you to the spots. I like to go there anyway and this will just give me a good reason.

Patrick Myer

Have a safe journey.

12/02/2009, 04:35 PM
thank you Patrick and Magrath for all the information. I am think I will be there around the 2nd or so...

12/09/2009, 07:36 AM
I think I may need to replace 2 bulbs in my cube when I get there, with some 72w bulbs. Is there a place local I can get some bulbs?

12/10/2009, 09:11 AM
I think I may need to replace 2 bulbs in my cube when I get there, with some 72w bulbs. Is there a place local I can get some bulbs?

Not really. Go ahead and order them. I would just have them sent to your sponsor if you have not yet had a mailbox set up for you.

12/14/2009, 06:58 AM
FYI, the bulb sizes are different lengths here. Also all of the above info is spot on. One thing, I find the Petbox in Naha to be substantially better than the Mihama location. I've gotten two fish from them with absolutely no issues. They also have decent, but expensive, corals in from time to time.

My advice is to get most of your livestock from ACO (they have some unbelievable zoas and clams that are next to free) and mail order whatever equipment you need. Get it shipped PRIORITY MAIL! Trust me on that one. :)

12/23/2009, 06:46 AM
thank you for the info. I land December 31st at 930pm, just in time for new years..lol