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12/05/2009, 07:23 PM
Placed a livestock order last week for delivery on Tuesday 12/1. The order inclued 4 fish some snails and some macro. On Monday 11/30 I received an email saying my delivery missed a flight and that i would be contacted the following day to reschedule. When I received the call i told the phone rep my concerns of stress on the fish (bagged, boxed, unboxed, rebagged, etc...) and i was put in contact with the "livestock curator". This person assured me i would be getting different fish and that he would personally double check them if i was agreeing to ship them out that day. Which i did. The following morning i received my package and found this...

2 auriga butterflies both in good condition but neither over 3" total length. I did order and pay for large size and am thinking if I would have ordered medium or small i could have ended up with the same fish.

1 six line wrasse amazingly cute. Doing great. A happy fish.

1 tiger jawfish - this is where it gets ugly. Upon pouring him from his bag to the acclamation container i was shocked to see a 4" fish that was so emaciated it looked like a tadpole. Skeletal structure showing. It obviously had not eaten anything for a very long time. I have never seen a fish in this bad of shape, even in garbage dealing fish stores. My first thought was the conversation i had with the "livestock curator" less than 24 hours ago assuring me healthy stress free fish.

32 cerith snails...received 31 snails and 1 hermit crab. Now i have 1 rogue crab in a 300 gallon tank. JOY!:rolleyes:

Jawfish died today (12/5) at 7pm. Shocked he actually made it that long. I'm not sure if BZ is going to request it's corpse returned but, I'm thinking i should send it anyways so mr. "livestock curator" can use it as an example of what he deamed healthy. Or should i just post top down pics showing it's 12mm wide head attached to it's 1mm wide body?

12/07/2009, 11:57 AM
Thanks for the updates. I looked into the contents of the order and found an account for you in the system. It looks like a refund has been intiated for a loss. From the notes on the account it looks like the jawfish did not make it. We are very sorry to hear that. Also, if you think the sizing was off on the butterflies, you can request a credit on those if you like. There were no notes to that affect in your account. Just send an email to [email protected] when you can. Thank you very much for the business. We truly appreciate it.

12/07/2009, 06:30 PM
I was told a replacement order will be generated for delivery on 12/9. Am reserving further judgement until I see what arrives. I do appreciate my issue being acted upon very quickly.