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12/06/2009, 01:57 PM
I got a powder blue a while back (before I had quarantine facilities set up, a mistake I won't make again) and he brought ich into my tank. After some reading, i decided hypo would be the best treatment, so I set out to catch all the fish and begin the treatment in my 55gal. I caught all the fish, except my sixline, who is proving to be quite evil in his cleverness.

1) I removed ALL of my live rock to catch him (~150lb) the jerk stuffed himself in a hole in my LR. I even tried swishing each rock around in the water to flush him out. After putting all the rock back in because I assumed I dropped him somewhere, I found him swimming around in the main tank 15 minutes later.

2)I decided to try a fish trap. The owner of the LFS was nice enough to let me borrow his. I baited the trap and let it sit. The 6line wouldn't go near it after about 2 weeks, so I gave up.

He doesn't come out of the rockwork much for me to net him, and when I try, he jets right back into the rock. Any ideas on catching him? I need to get this fallow period going.

12/06/2009, 03:21 PM
i had this problem before with a lunare warrase, this what i done i attept one time and caught the fish.

dont feed the fish for at least 2-3 days get the smallest fish hook and go fishing, i use a piece of can shrimp tail, the fish took and i set the hook.

12/06/2009, 08:50 PM
I haven't fed him for a good 2 weeks. I think he's eating all the pods in my tank that he now has all to himself. The little $*&^$# still looks fat and happy.

He's just a little wrasse too, do they make hooks small enough?

12/06/2009, 09:14 PM
Leave the sitting in the tank for a day or so. He'll get used to it being there. When you approach the tank, put something over the hole that he usually goes into and then chase him around with the net.

Or... siphon all the water out of the tank. Don't disturb the tank much, just siphon the water out. I don't think he'll wedge himself between the rock. Then you can net him with a couple inches of water in the tank, or siphon it all out until he is on the sand.

12/06/2009, 10:26 PM
He has hundreds of possible holes to go into. hah. I may try the siphoning off the water thing.

12/07/2009, 04:29 AM
If you know what rock he went in just place that in your QT till he comes out.

12/07/2009, 06:52 AM
i had a sixline that did the same thing, i just held off on feeding for a couple days, then i used a small plastic cage, like they use to keep spiders and stuff in with an opening in the lid. baited it with mysis shrimp and in he went. took about 20 minutes for it to happen.