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12/14/2009, 06:35 AM
MASNA Live: Marine Aquarium Clubs, A Live Question and Answer Program hosted by Adam Blundell.

MASNA Live is a Q&A session with guest speakers each month held on-line via the MASNA Live page.

This page is located http://masna.org/PublicArea/MASNALive.aspx. If you use the menus it is under Public Area, MASNA Live.
There is no registration required and it is open to all guests. This will be a moderated event and the transcripts will be available after the program ends.

Where: On-line - http://masna.org/PublicArea/MASNALive.aspx

When : December 16, 2009 8:00 PM CST

Adam Blundell joins us to discuss the current role aquarium clubs play in the hobby and the challenges they face with the economy. If you are a member of a club or looking to create a new club in your area this would be a great time to ask questions.

Adam Blundell M.S. works in Marine Ecology, and in Pathology for the University of Utah. He is also Director of The Aquatic & Terrestrial Research Team, a group which utilizes research projects to bring together hobbyists and scientists. His vision is to see this type of collaboration lead to further advancements in aquarium husbandry. While not in the lab he is the president of one of the Nation's largest hobbyist clubs, the Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society (www.utahreefs.com). Adam has earned a BS in Marine Biology and an MS in the Natural Resource and Health fields.

We hope you will plan to join us Wednesday night!