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12/16/2009, 10:40 AM
I am in the process of switching over to an RODI unit. Can someone recommend or has experience w/ a compact unit that you can plug in / and remove? I do not have much space and do not want to mount and plump anything. I meed something that I can attach to the sink and remove when I am done, thanks

12/16/2009, 11:57 AM
I have my 75 gpd Buckeye Field Supply unit (about 15 inches tall, 4 or 5 inches wide) just sitting on top of our utility room's shelf.

Buying a traditional 4 stage unit from a place like Buckeye Field Supply will be very portable from say, kitchen sink for use and back to garage for storage. All of the filter casing are very thick industrial plastic and they are even, so it sits flat and solid on the bottom of those filter casings.

Another suggestion I will throw out there - find a place that you like your unit where it can also be within 25 feet of a tap line hookup and leave it there. Buy 30-40 feet of tubing for your waste, tap hookup and rodi line and just string it out when you need it.

I did that so in our apartment I can have the unit stationary in the utility room and out of the way and when I need it I just take the twist ties off the lines and string them anywhere I need to use it. As long as you have 50 psi or higher (90% of people do) then contrary to what some might say, you won't need a booster pump. I'm on 50 PSI and I have 35 feet of rodi line, 35 feet of tap water hookup line and I can fill 5 gallons an hour on my 75 GPD Buckeye Field Supply unit.