View Full Version : White bomps on Butterfly tail

12/16/2009, 02:14 PM
I'm looking into a Saddleback Butterfly fish at my LFS that looks to be in good health with the exception of a few white bumps at the end of the tail. The guy at the store said they can manualy remove them but didn't mention what they were, do you have any idea? I know it's not ICH and the LFS employee said they're not a parasite... I'm not sold on this fish at all and usually purchase only healthy fish. Thanks. -Steve

12/16/2009, 03:58 PM
Try searching for "Lymphocystis" in Google Images. If that is what the fish has, it isn't too much to worry about, but you could try and get the dealer to lower the price since its a "scratch and dent" fish (grin).

Lymphocystis is a chronic, self-limiting viral disease of higher order marine and freshwater fishes. Treating it usually causes more harm than good, by causing secondary infection and spreading the virus around.

Jay Hemdal