View Full Version : is this epoxy reef safe? DIY rock wall help

12/16/2009, 11:31 PM

i am looking into building a mini rock wall for the right side of my 24gal nano. i plan on using eggcrate, rock rubble, and pond foam sealer to construct the majority of the structure. i have read that once the piece dries, people cover the bare spots in glue and sprinkle sand over it. can i use this loctite epoxy to glue the sand? has anyone ever used it before? if not, what have you used that worked and caused no ill affects? thanks in advance for the help!!!


12/17/2009, 04:35 AM
Maybe I am wrong. But I think the less chems we introduce the better I would worry about it leaching . I know live rock wire and Portland cement is reef safe coralines grow on it too creating seamless false to real appearance . Drill and pin the rock to create gravity defiying caves ect

12/17/2009, 06:13 AM
I remember reading somewhere not to use the loctite brand. I just finished my rock wall last night and used a bob smith product from a local hobby shop. I used the finish set twenty minute product cause tt was thin enough to brush on but not watery. Worked awesome.

You can do it with rock and portland but it has to cure. Read up on the diy rock threads. Portland will spike your ph until cured. I think the new standard for portland cure is 28 days dry in mold. Then 2 weeks wet with freshwater changing often till ph is stable and below 8. Then soak in used saltwater and test for ph spike.
Its an awesome way to do it if you have the time. Doing it with foam its tank ready in a few days. Oh and I used crushed coral not sand. The sand seemed to just soak into epoxy. The coral actually layed on top and stuck really nice.

Good luck