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12/17/2009, 01:56 PM
just found a bunch of these nudis eating my zoos. does any have any tips for getting rid of them. manually picking them all out doesn't really seem a good option for me since there are dozens.

I think there are a few animals that you can get that will eat them.

Perhaps one of these:


They are listed as eating the montipora eating nudibranches, perhaps they will eat the zoo eating ones also.

:sad2: Okay, this is a good example of poor identification by a LFS with bad consequences for the purchaser. The animal in the photo is a dorid nudibranch. Dorids are sponge eaters so it's diet is restricted to one or a few related sponge species. THIS is a true Navanax inermis http://seaslugforum.net/navainer.htm and it's an eastern Pacific temperate species. If you bought the one in the photo you'd be out $25 plus shipping and it wouldn't do a darn thing to help. It would just starve to death. The Navanax is a sand dweller and would concentrate on whatever sand-dwelling snails you have;it might not go up into your corals at all.

Just wanted to give bluezooaquatics the opportunity to chime in on this since the claim is that the information on the bluezoo website is incorrect. Here is the link to the thread if you would like to respond there.


12/17/2009, 04:46 PM
Thanks for the heads up. We appreciate that. We tend to stay away from posting in general forums and stick to our own forum. That link is actually pretty old. We got a couple of those slugs in about a year or more ago and at the time we did not have a WYSIWYG section so we had to create skews for everything that came in even if the animals would never be seen after. If you look here, you actually can't get to the skew from the main category page.


We do still recommend the Sea Grass Wrasse though. It is a fantastic animal to take care of all sorts of nasty inverts. We use them ourselves in the coral tanks to pick hitchhikers off new coral. And we don't have to pay them. :)