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12/19/2009, 08:05 AM
Im not sure where i can get parts for my octopus pro 250. its only a couple years old and apparently was discontinued quickly. The pump is the skimrite 1000 i think. (no marking of any sort on the pump)
This thing eats through impellers (not shafts already using CF) like candy. it had a spare when i bought it and the guy had just put a new one in it. It looks like the glue they used to attach the pinwheel to the other doohickey failed,threw the impeller out of balance and wiped out the rest of the pieces. The store it is from is no longer in business so that is out. and i cant find a good # for octopus.

can anyone help me out with a contact# or somewhere that sells parts for an obsolete skimmer??

12/19/2009, 08:12 AM
Have u tried this? I've used the support email and gotten responses

Vue Technology® LLC

Phone: (985)781-9078
Fax: (985)781-9081

Customer Service: [email protected]

Distributor Info: [email protected]
David H. D'Aquin
Vue Technology® LLC

12/19/2009, 08:19 AM
thats more than i could find! thanks a lot mucho appreciated!