View Full Version : Need advice on a skimmer

12/19/2009, 08:17 AM
I have a 180 gallon tank. where it sets in the dining room there is no room for a hang on skimmer or nothing to hang on the back. It is flush against a wall so not to block the window. The tank is not drilled. It has a partition in onle corner where it overflow and acted like a sump. It had a four way valve to return the water to all parts of the tank. I need a skimmer. one will not fit in the corner. Under the tank is only 24" bu I have no way of getting water down to it. I have maybe 20-30" in the hood so I thought about putting a stand alone model on top of the tank. Any ideas a a small compact one that could work like this. It is hard to see which ones are stand alone or in sump use. I can make the return go into the tank. any thoughts.