View Full Version : Help to decide my MH and T5 lighting.

12/19/2009, 09:23 PM
Hello! I'm buying my lighting for my tank of 54 "x24" x24 "I keep sps / lps.
Apparently I decide to:

2 mH x 400 watts.
2x 39 W Korallen-Zucht T5 Fiji Purple Special Red / Blue.
2x39 w ATI True Actinic 03.

Mh bulbs if I hesitate for 20k or 20k Radium xm.
The ballasts would be the IceCap 400watt Halide 220V with R / S (Any Bulb) or that you recommend me .. I need to be 220 v 50 hz if not work in Argentina.

He's up to you the recommendation ..
Thank you.

12/19/2009, 09:34 PM
With radiums you will want to go with a pulse start ballast to get the most out of them. Radiums are designed to run off 230v I think so you might be able to get a ballast that is actually spec for them. Someone else will have to chime in though as I am not familiar with the 220v icecap ballast running radiums.

I am not sure that bulb ballast combo will work too well.

Are you purchasing in Argentina or having stuff shipped?

12/19/2009, 09:42 PM
Thanks for the reply does not know much about lighting as you turn to your help.
The ballast to operate and do not break in a short period would have to be 220v 50 hz. And the bulb preferably 20k.
I live in Argentina but my father will be shopping in the U.S. and purchased for my products.
Thank you very much and hope to receive more help from you.

12/23/2009, 05:59 PM
uppp !! Help me please