View Full Version : Input please: Sunlight Supply Maristar vs Icecap Reef Illumination vs DIY

12/21/2009, 02:19 PM
I am debating should I get myself (or my corals) a nice x'mas present
I am considering a Maristar (MH+T5) or a Reef Illumination (MH+T5+LED) or a DIY hanging fixture
The DIY will be a combination of different things (2 SE LumenMax Reflectors + T5 Retro x 2 bulbs + 2X Orbit LED strip)

I like SE over DE because it seems the coverage of SE is better plus with the LumenMax I can remain at 175W vs going up to 250W (to save some electricity). I am looking at the new Galaxy Ballast coming out which is switchable from 150-250W meaning the upgrade will only entail the socket, if that.

Ascetic wise I am pretty sure the off the shelf unit will be better since I will need to build a hanging enclosure for the DIY project.

The other question is are the LED in the IC unit Actinic supplement or simple moonlight strips.

12/21/2009, 04:27 PM
I'd go with the lumenmax. I think you'd get better coverage.

12/21/2009, 05:27 PM
Thanks I was at a LFS...the store owner suggest that if the next tank I get is of the new MarineLand type, a DE fixture will not be able to light the tank from front to back... a Lumenmax would be a better choice.

Any additional input from anyone?