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12/21/2009, 03:43 PM
hey every one i need help i want to bu a skimmer for my 90 gallon with hevey bio loud .. what do you recomend for under 375 give or take a little.. i also am bying 2 250 watt 14 k hamilton metal halides i already have 4 65 watt pc is that enough or to much for a mixxed reef tank?? also can i use the water from the machines at the local grocery store for my top off water?? thats soo much!!!:dance:

12/21/2009, 05:43 PM
I can't recommend a skimmer. I am researching them myself. Look at the octopus and vertex line.

I am not a fan of PC lighting. I am a huge MH and T5 combo fan- that is what I have now. My next setup will be MH/VHO combo (VHO due to depth of tank).

When you say mixed reef, you mean SPS, LPS, some softies? I would suggest reading the threads here to get more opinions and information. Also get good equipment up front. I wasted a few hundred on upgrades. :(

I am not that familiar with what method they use for the water purification. I would suggest getting an RO +/- DI unit so you can make your own. I have used distilled water in a pinch. i would still not suggest using it long term.

Good luck