View Full Version : Whats next for me??

12/22/2009, 07:09 PM
Ok, please dont say bigger tank. I want a bigger tank, but my little wee apartment right now cant support it, its already packed enough with all the furniture I have.

But... I have a 24 Gallon rectanglular tank, 24" across. Backmounted are the Rio Nano Skimmer, and the aquaclear70 filter system. I also have the hydor K1 powerhead and a coralife single element 50/50 65watt light setup on legs with 2 3/4watt night lights.

Now, most of it was free, all given to me by a friend at no cost as he was done with that tank, and was focus on his 37 and 60G tanks.

Im thinking I want to upgrade the lights next, two a 4bulb T5 setup with leg mounts.. but im still not sure where I should go, and where to put my priorties.. any suggestions??

12/22/2009, 07:19 PM
To me the three most important things are flow, skimmer and lights. If you feel like you need stronger lights then I recomend you go that route. A tek light on legs would look great over the tank and be plenty of light

If you don't have a skimmer I would also look into that as well.

And then flow, If you wanted you could plop down the cash for a mp10.. But if you are happy with your korilia then why change a good thing?