View Full Version : equipment suggestions/questions for new 40b lagoon

12/23/2009, 11:37 PM
I am in the planning stages for my new 40 breeder...

Obviously the startup has some cost associated with it, but I have accumulated some hardware.

So far...

Tank: 40breeder AGA (new Can$96)
I will have it drilled. I am considering removing the top trim. Will euro-bracing be necessary?
I want a 4" mixed substrate sandbed, and 11" of water. shallow reef/lagoon with lots of sandy bottom, islands of LR and maybe a bit of seagrass

Pump: Little Giant 2-MD-SC (used - free - missing 1 s.s. wingnut)
At about 600GPH at 3' of head, I'm hoping to use this pump for return from the sump, as well as in tank circulation. Not ideal I know. Separate return and circulation pumps would be preferable, but will I have a major problem with this?

Lighting: Geismann 1x250MH + 2xT5HO (used Can$250 - and yes it does work, and looks awesome! bulbs have 8mo. of use)
Planning on softies, LPS, and clams.

250Watt Ebo Jager heater (new Can$ I forget, it's been in the box so long)

Johnson controls single stage temp controller (used - free)

2x SCWD (used - Can$43 for the pair - I only wanted 1 but they are used, so I have a backup)

Skimmer: ASU (used - yes it's an oldie, airstone driven (4 to 6 x 3" airstones) it was theoretically rated up to 100gallon) - THIS is the part that I am most unsure of. In theory I would like to run a skimmer-less tank, but if I find that a skimmer is necessary, will an old beast like this do the job temporarily? I will have mostly inverts, very little finned livestock

Sump: I have yet to buy or build a sump. If I have to build I will probably use a glass 20 gallon tank, with 10 gallons or more dedicated to a refugium with a big ball o' chaeto and some LR (lots of LR, as there will not be much in the display)

ATO: homebrew with 1 floatswitch (I only have 1 floatswitch which I will steal from my 5gallon nano. I may add a second switch later)

Other gear: I have 2 peristaltic pumps, and a home-made magnetic stirrer, so I will probably setup a timer controlled Kalkwasser dosing system.

I would like to know if I'm off track on any of this before I design my filtration/circulation layout and start my stand build.

I am crippled by my habit of letting perfection get in the way of constant incremental improvement. Consequently I want to plan this all right before I start.

...any suggestions?


12/23/2009, 11:41 PM
im running a bubble magus nac 6 on my 50 gallon total system and its works great..best thing is i got it for 156 shipped to me.check them out,good luck-Drew