View Full Version : APEX alarm sounded... but why?

12/27/2009, 06:04 PM
Last night at 4am i was awaken to my alarm on my Apex. my temp had droped to 75.7 and my heater was not turned on.. i looked at the controller and i had to manually turn my heater on.
I am running the seasonal temp program...

My code reads like this for my heater...

Fallback OFF
If Temp < RT+-0.4 Then ON
If Temp > RT+0.0 Then OFF

the code for my alarm reads like this...

If Temp > 83.0 Then ON
If Temp < 76.0 Then ON
If pH > 08.25 Then ON
If pH < 07.70 Then ON

did i do this wrong? this is the first time that my alarm has gone off..
when i compare my readings to that of the season table they dont match up. is the seasonal table that is listed in the controller not correct? right now if i was going by the table then i would be in the second week of Jan to get a temp as low as 75.7.
thanks for any thoughts!

12/27/2009, 07:11 PM
If you are using the season table for temp then you should use the season table for the alarm. The seasonal temp for 12/26 is 76.0 so your heater would turn on at 75.6 (RT - .4)

(you can get to the Dec season table by selecting the month at the bottom of the table and clicking refresh).