View Full Version : True Perc Clown with odd growth on gill

12/29/2009, 09:29 PM
I have a pair of true percs that i have had for over 2 yrs in 2 different tanks. She was in a 34g red sea with a rose anemone and would regularly spawn in that tank.

About 3 months ago i set up a 200g system and about 2 months ago i transferred her over to the system. Along with her male but left thier anemone behind since i didnt want the chance of the anemone running around my sps.

Yesturday i discovered a whitish looking growth on one of her gills and it is starting to scare me a little. It looks kind like a fungal growth but i have very little experience.

She is still eating very aggressively and eats anything and everything i throw in there. I do know they have both been getting stung by my elegence frog spawn and duncans since they seem to be trying to host anything at all.

Any ideas on what it might be? I will post pics of it tomorrow.

12/29/2009, 09:48 PM
Could it be lymphocystis? Is it just one spot? I would do a search and maybe you can find some pics to compare it to. Hope that helps, I dearly love my clownfish pairs and would be concerned too.

12/29/2009, 09:58 PM
It is at least for now just a single spot on the gill of the fish. I am feeding very very heavily to keep her and everyone else healthy in case there is anything in there that might spread to other fish.

It doesnt quite look like lymphocystis since its only one spot. Im not sure if maybe she just stung herself with one of my LPS. Ive seen them both stung before but the placement of just one spot on the gill seems odd to me.

12/30/2009, 04:51 PM
any other ideas?