View Full Version : All died

12/31/2009, 11:57 AM
OK I had caught all but my damsells to fast. So both tangs died and my clowns died still have the damsells. Here is what is strange as well. my corals bleached out and recceded after the fish were out and died as well. very frustrating about the live stock, I had only added 2 corals and the whole tank died for the most part. I had fish and coral that lasted 2 moves and were growing well. I did not have a chance to take pics. I had originally thought I had Ich, put 4 fish in QT and treated for ich in 72 hrs the color on my tangs changed dramaticly. The juvi orange shoulder turned brown. the fowlerii got very blochy & eye got cloudy. both died fast. clowns looked OK but died fast. Sorry for the choppy info I have never had any disease problems before all new fish in past have QT and from a very great LFS. that QT and treat for me.