View Full Version : Problems with anthias

01/01/2010, 01:16 AM

My tank has been set up for quite a while without any fish in there at all (so no chance of whitespot). Recently I put in 3 squamipinnis anthias which were fine for about a week then they suddenly went off their food and were hiding a lot. I tried a half dose of Paragon (http://www.waterlife.co.uk/waterlife/paragon.htm) which seemed to perk them up and then another half dose a couple of days later, and a third smaller dose again a couple of days later. These fish now seem fine and are swimming and feeding well.

Once everything was ok I introduced a pair of carberri anthias. I lost one after about a week but that was no surprise as it refused to eat anything that went in the tank. However the remaining one has now started hiding behind a stream pump or sitting on the sand in the evening, although it seems to still be eating ok.

Lastly, the other day I put in a nice yellow tailed tamarin wrasse. Again feeding and swimming well for the first day then a day lying on a rock not really doing anything for a day before being found dead the next morning.

There are no signs of any spot on any of the fish so I am suspecting a bacterial infection or internal parasite or something similar. However not being much of an expert on fish problems I am seeking advise on what this could be and how to go about treating the problem. Tank in aprox 100 gallons with LPS and a few small SPS.

Any help would be appreciated.