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01/02/2010, 07:49 PM
Ever since I added my second EB8, it randomly shows a power loss and triggers my email alarm. It doesn't actually loose power or reset, it just triggers the indication some how. I initially had issues when I installed this EB8 and had to telnet in and reset all devices to get rid of a third ghost EB8. Since then it's been working normally with the exception of the random power loss indication... anyone else run into a similar problem?

We're planning a trip next month and I would really like to have more confidence in it before we go, especially since I've got some critical equipment on it. Here's a screen shot of my status page, notice the difference in hours listed for both EB8's. They were both reset at the same time on 12/14.



01/02/2010, 09:26 PM
Check the EB8 firmware version (available on the Modules screen) and if it is not up to date then update it. If all is up to date then contact Neptune on Monday; there are a few things they can walk you through to check on the communications paths between the Apex and EB8 in question.

01/03/2010, 03:43 AM
Thanks for the reply Ken. I updated the EB8 when I first installed it, they both currently show SW Rev of 006. Not sure if this is the latest firmware for them or not though.

Glad you had me check that though, just found out I'm showing 2 display modules but I've only got one. I really don't understand why mine is continually adding these "ghost" peripherals. I'll give Neptune a call tomorrow.


01/03/2010, 03:58 AM
Here's a week long trend from the EB8's, it logged at least 11 of the failures.



01/03/2010, 05:29 AM
I had the same problem when I added my second EB8. Curt can fix it in 2 minutes by telneting into your controller. He calibrates some things internally in the EB8.

On the "ghost" modules, the Apex will recognize every module when you connect it and if that module (at that internal register number) is not already declared it will add it and in the case of an EB8, add the default outlets and programs. What happens a lot is there's some modules declared from the factory, then you add yours and you get these extra modules. They can be deleted through the setup modules screen.

01/03/2010, 06:36 AM
Thanks Alan, I'll definately be calling them tomorrow then to try to get this resolved. I had to turn off my email alarm today due to it happening so much.

As far as the ghosts, I've had issues with them since I first set up my Apex. Unfortunately, for mine, deleting them from the modules page doesn't clear them... they come right back. I have to telnet into the controller and clear all of the devices with a few commands that Ken sent me. I've had to do this several times since I set it up, the bad thing is once it's done then I have to go back and reprogram everything again.