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01/04/2010, 07:10 PM
Hello, i recently received an order that i placed with my brother that was received on 12-30-09 which included a small powder blue tang, stars and stripes puffer, 5 green chromis, a tiny blue hippo tang, yellow watchmen goby with pistol shrimp, a bass and reef package. Upon receiving the fish i started a 4 hour acclimation period for the pbt, blue hippo and puffer. I noticed that the pbt was laying on its side but this is usually normal for the acclimation process so i thought nothing of it. After 2 hours of acclimation time have gone by i noticed that the pbt is still laying on its side. I called you and left a voicemail describing the situation. After i didnt receive a response i continued with the acclimation. After the 4 hours i decided to put the pbt into the tank with no lights but moonlights for a couple more hours to keep down stress. As soon as he hit the tank he was still swimming on his side for almost an hour, but after that he did right himself and started to swim around. So when I noticed this i decided to put on the tank lights, and when I did was very surprised at what I saw. He is unbelieveably skinny, like he has not eaten in a few days. Around his head is a very light blue, almost white ring that goes around his head and his lateral line is very visable, probably due to HLLE. After I noticed this I called again and left another message describing the fish, this is still all on the 30th of december. The fish is still alive and swimming around but he still isnt eating very actively and only picks and things here and there. There is also I would say about a 1/2" scar on his one side by his fin.

I understand your stance on the sensitivity on these fish and am fully aware of the no credit or refunds are given for these types of fish, but I must say I am very disappointed in the condition i received this fish in. All other fish we received in this order are fine, only the pbt is in very poor condition. I almost feel like you took my money and gave me a fish I had no chance to keep alive, and I wouldn't be able to receive any credit on.

I dont have the order number but I will contact my brother who placed the order and get it off of him. I can supply pictures of this fish as well.

Sorry to have to post this on here, but I did try to call 3 times again today with no answer. I figured you were closed on the weekends plus with the past holidays. I was hoping to hear something from you guys today at least.

01/04/2010, 07:13 PM
i just got ahold of him and the order number is 204395

01/05/2010, 01:58 PM
Thanks for the update. You are right, we were shut down for the holiday. I looked at your account and it appears you did get someone on the phone over here. I am glad things are resolving well for you. Just shoot us an email or call if we can do anything else for you. Take care.