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01/09/2010, 04:05 AM
I spent days researching and hours configuring this set up so I will attempt to share my experience here. Unfortunately the last hour of typing in the post just got lost with an error so I will resume this post later this week. If there is interest sooner I will try later today, but bed time for now!

01/09/2010, 11:24 AM
So here's the QuickStart instruction using Uverse:

follow your Apex instructions by connecting the Apex via cat 5 cable to the Ethernet port on the back of your STB. Your "net setup" menu should now display an IP address that is the same as your STB and a gateway address the same as your RG. If not, scroll down to the "restart" on your Apex menu and restart. Now the above should be true as long as DHCP is still at the default on. If it's not set to on then change it and repeat these steps.
Now you should be able to access the apex from your browser at home. If not you may need to disconnect the cat5 cable from the STB Ethernet port, then do a STB reset by holding in the power button on the STB for about 3-5 seconds. It will reset which takes almost 3-5 minutes. Once your picture on the TVreturns then try the IP in your browser again. If you still have trouble you may have to repeat these steps several times following these instructions exactly.
Now were ready to setup for remote access. more to come on that.

Disclaimer: I am not a proffessional IT person. I accept no responsibility for any damage or dysfunction of your equipment or network if you try these setup instructions. You accept all responsibility for the outcome that results from these setup instructions if you choose to use them. I have merely provided a recipe of instruction that worked for me.
definitions: STB= set top box, RG=residential gateway

01/10/2010, 11:02 AM
Just to be clear. This is a hard wire connection to your uverse anywhere you have TV installed.